In January 2011, the Ministry of Education Malaysia introduced a new curriculum for the English language teaching (as well as other subjects) in primary schools – KSSR (Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah). Because the focus in KSSR shifted from Reading/Writing/Grammar (as it was in the old curriculum, KBSR) to Listening/Speaking/Language Arts, and because the Reading component of the new curriculum was now based on Phonics rather than memorization, the teaching approach and style had to change too. To help teachers understand the new curriculum better and implement it correctly in the classroom, the Ministry invited several hundred foreign trainers to mentor English teachers across Malaysia – this was known as the Native Speaker (Penutur Jati) Program.

Although this teacher-training/mentoring project continued for almost 5 years (until September 2015) and involved a total of over 3,000 primary schools in the country, it was not able to cover all schools in Malaysia or even all English teachers in the project schools, due to the country’s size and population as well as logistical constraints. As each foreign mentor had five schools to coach, they had to constantly move between those schools and switch between teachers, trying to provide as much training and support to as many teachers inside their assigned schools as possible. Besides, due to various reasons, teachers often shift between schools, levels, classes (and sometimes even subjects), which made it more difficult to provide them with training and support in the new curriculum. As a result of all these factors, though this government initiative, without a doubt, benefited thousands and thousands of primary teachers and students in Malaysia, most teachers of English in the country need much more support with KSSR than it was possible to give them during the Penutur Jati Program years.

Of course, there are some government-run websites with resources and guidance for teachers of English and all other subjects in Malaysia, which many teachers use and benefit from. Our goal is not to replace them but to complement them, providing materials and training from the mentor perspective – from the perspective of people who have been in Malaysian classrooms side by side with teachers for the past few years, who understand the curriculum and its objectives, who have worked with KSSR textbooks and know great ways to make lessons fun and effective. All in all, you will find tons of great resources here that will help you become a better teacher, making your lessons more enjoyable and productive, and your students more focused and successful. Some are free, some require a small payment. We will continue adding resources and training materials for you over time to support you better in your important job. We hope that you will find our site useful and our support valuable! 

In the spirit of charity and caring, we are going to use 10% of all our profits to support underprivileged schools/teachers/students with teaching/learning resources of various kinds, thus enhancing their opportunities for quality education.