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Joining us as a member will give you immediate access to 200+ lesson videos we already have in our video library, as well as other special training resources that we will be adding throughout the year. 

Because these videos were taken in Malaysian classrooms, with Malaysian students, based on Malaysian textbooks (KSSR), watching them is like having your own mentor, your own role-model in class. You can watch each video as many times as you want, you can take detailed notes if you want, and then you can repeat elements of the lesson or even the whole lesson plan with your students. Most of the materials you will see in the videos are available for free in the Teaching Aids sections of this website.    

We offer 3 levels of membership: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

  • Bronze = 1 month = RM 25
  • Silver = 6 months = RM 125 (5 months x RM 25 + 1 month free)
  • Gold = 12 months = RM 250 (10 months x RM 25 + 2 months free)

Choose the membership level that suits you best, and welcome to our special group! 

Level Price  
Bronze MYR 25.00 now.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
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