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Here are a few lesson videos for you. You can watch each video, take notes, and then use elements of it in class or even repeat the whole lesson plan with your students, if you like. You will find 200+ more videos in our Year 1/2/3 video libraries when you register as a member.

Days of the Week Song

Year 1-Unit 4-page 14 Listening & Speaking: Classroom Instructions

Year 1 – Unit 11 – page 51 Reading: “Nick at a Camp”

Year 2 – Unit 2 – page 13 Phonics: ee/ai

Year 2 – Unit 14 – page 113 Language Arts: singing + minibooks (low-level class)

Year 3 – Unit 13 – page 98 Writing: “At the Bus Station” (substitution table, low-level class)

Year 3 – Grammar: Personal Pronouns + AM/IS/ARE

3 thoughts on “Sample Videos”

  1. teaching materials and tips for teaching are really great and useful. i would like to know more.
    maybe can join membership?

    1. Hi Saadiah, we are glad you find our materials and resources helpful!
      Joining membership will give you access to 200+ lesson videos (Year 1, 2, 3) that you can watch and then repeat in your classroom. They will give you more ideas and provide a good model of how to teach different units, pages, and skills.

  2. We discovered a technical issue with the Days of the Week Song video, so we re-uploaded it and now it seems to be working fine. Please let us know if you find any problems with videos.

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