Year 1 materials



These are Year 1 materials organized by Units. Here you can find practically everything you need – hundreds of pictures, word cards, and worksheets that complement and basically replace the textbook. Now you don’t need to ask your pupils to use the textbook in class – together with your colleagues at your school you can print and laminate these materials, organize them in folders by units, keep those in a big box, and use them in your lessons. Your pupils will focus better and enjoy the lessons more!

Y1-U1 pics

Y1-U1 Lessons Ideas


Y1-U2 pics

Y1-U2 Lesson ideas


Y1-U3 pics

Y1-U3 Lesson ideas


Y1-U4 Classroom instructions

Y1-U4-p13 pic

Y1-U4 worksheet

Y1-U4 m-p-n pics

Y1-U4 m-n word cards

Y1-U4 Color Tracing m+n

Y1-U4-p16 pics


Y1-U5-p17 pics

Y1-U5-p20 pic


Y1-U6 Dilly Duck story materials

Y1-U6 s-a-p-t-m-n-i-d words and pics

Y1-U6-p25 wordcards

Y1-U6-p25 pics

Y1-U6-p26 small templates

Y1-U6-p26 big models


Y1-U7 body parts words

Y1-U7 body parts pics

Y1-U7-p28 Big Book (Snap-Clap-Stamp story)

Y1-U7-p28 story animals pics

Y1-U7-p28 story chant (Clap-Stamp-Snap)

Y1-U7-p31 pic

Y1-U7-p32 pic


Y1-U8-p36 pics

Y1-U8-p36 pic

Y1-U8-p34 pic

Y1-U8-p33 pics

Y1-U8 [o] words and pics

Y1-U8 [o-g] words and pics

Y1-U8 Washing hands – small pics

Y1-U8 Washing hands – big pics


Y1-U9 Family pics

Y1-U9-p40-41 Magic Map story vocab

Y1-U9-p40-41 Magic Map story cover page

Y1-U9 Magic Map – big book

Y1-U9-p40-41 text for Big Book

Y1-U9-p40-41 worksheet

Y1-U9-p42 pic


Y1-U10 numbers 1-10

Y1-U10 number words

Y1-U10-p43 pic

Y1-U10-p44 pic

Y1-U10-p45 c-k-ck pics and words

Y1-U10-p45 Handwriting worksheet

Y1-U10-p46 pics


Y1-U11-p47 pics

Y1-U11-p48-49 story pics

Y1-U11-p51 pic

Y1-U11-p51 Handwriting worksheet

Y1-U11-p51 text for Running Dictation

Y1-U11-p52 pic


Y1-U12-p53 pic

Y1-U12-p55 e-u pics and words

Y1-U12-p56 pics


Y1-U13 color cards

Y1-U13 color word cards

Y1-U13 small color cards

Y1-U13 phrase cards

Y1-U13 color worksheets

Y1-U13-p61 pics

Y1-U13-p62 Malaysia flag – colour

Y1-U13-p62 Malaysia flag – black and white

Y1-U13-p62 pic


Y1-U14-p63-64 phrase cards

Y1-U14-p63-64 worksheet

Y1-U14-p64 pics

Y1-U14-p65 b-h-r pics and words

Y1-U14-p66 pic

Y1-U14-p66 pics

Y1-U14 AB p68


Y1-U15-p67 pics

Y1-U15-p69 pic

Y1-U15-p70 pic


Y1-U16 textbook pics 

Y1-U16 vocab pics

Y1-U16 vocab word cards

Y1-U16 Color Tracing – ss, ll, ff

Y1-U16-p75 pics



Y1-U17 vocab pics

Y1-U17 vocab word cards

Y1-U17-p80 pics


Y1-U18 pics

Y1-U18-p83 word cards


Y1-U19 Clothes pics

Y1-U19 Clothes word cards

Y1-U19-p86 pics

Y1-U19-p87 pic


Y1-U20 pics

Y1-U20 word cards

Y1-U20-p89 pics


Y1-U20-p92 pics

Y1-U20-p92 Rex and Dex (simplified story)


Y1-U21 shapes pics

Y1-U21 shape objects – black n white

Y1-U21 shapes words

Y1-U21-p95 x-y-z pics and words

Y1-U21-p96 pics


Y1-U22 pics

Y1-U22 wordcards

Y1-U22-p97 textbook pics

Y1-U22-p97 story materials

Y1-U22-p99 ch-qu pics

Y1-U22-p99 Color Tracing ch+qu


Y1-U23-p101-103 story materials

Y1-U23 ch-qu pics

Y1-U23 ch-qu wordcards

Y1-U23-p105 pics


Y1-U24 textbook pics

Y1-U24-p108 sh-ng pics

Y1-U24-p108 sh-ng words

Y1-U24-p108 Color Tracing sh-ng


Y1-U25 materials


Y1-U26 textbook pics

Y1-U26-p118 pics and words

Y1-U26-p118 Color Tracing [th]


Y1-U27 textbook pics

Y1-U27 extra pics

Y1-27 wordcards


Y1-U28 materials


Y1-U29 materials


Y1-U30 textbook pics