Year 2 materials


Y2These are Year 2 materials organized by Units. Here you can find practically everything you need – hundreds of pictures, word cards, and worksheets that complement and basically replace the textbook. Now you don’t need to ask your pupils to use the textbook in class – together with your colleagues at your school you can print and laminate these materials, organize them in folders by units, keep those in a big box, and use them in your lessons. Your pupils will focus better and enjoy the lessons more!

Y2-U1 textbook pics


Y2-U2 textbook pics

Y2-U2-p12 Phonics ai/ee pics

Y2-U2-p12 Phonics ai/ee words

Y2-U2-p12 ai-ee wordbuilding letters

Y2-U2-p12 Color Tracing ai-ee

Y2-U2-p15 big pic

Y2-U2-p16 chant-song


Y2-U3 School Places pics

School flashcards

Y2-U3-p20 Phonics igh/oa pics and words

Y2-U3-p21 pics

Y2-U3-p22 big pic

Y2-U3-p23 big pic


Y2-U4-p25-28 White Radish story pics

Y2-U4-p25-28 White Radish story chant

The Enormous Turnip

Y2-U4-p29 Phonics oo/ar pics and words

Y2-U4-p29 Color Tracing [oo] words

Y2-U4-p29 Bingo card [ar] words

Y2-U4-p30-32 pics


Y2-U5 vocab pics and words

Y2-U5 Handwriting worksheet (true)

Y2-U5 Handwriting worksheet (false)

Y2-U5-p35-36 pics

Y2-U5-p36 activity

Y2-U5-p38 Phonics or/ur pics

Y2-U5-p38 Color Tracing or-ur

Y2-U5-p39 story pics

Y2-U5-p39 story sentence strips

Y2-U5-p40 Little Red Riding Hood big book

Y2-U5-p41 pics


Y2-U6 Food pics

Y2-U6-p43-45 pics

Y2-U6-p46 Phonics oi/ow pics and words

Y2-U6-p47 pics

Y2-U6-p48 pics

Y2-U6-p49 pics

Y2-U6-p49 small pics



Y2-U7 textbook pics

Y2-U7 Hobbies pics and phrases

Y2-U7-p54 Phonics ear/air pics and words


Y2-U8 Tools pics and words

Y2-U8 textbook pics

Y2-U8-p63 scrambled text

Y2-U8-p64 text for Running Dictation


Y2-U9 Occupations pics and words


Y2-U9-p69, 72, 73 pics

Y2-U9-p70 Phonics ay/ou pics and words

Y2-U9-p71 story pics

Y2-U9-p71 scrambled story


Y2-U10-p75-77 Dolly Doe story pics

Y2-U10-p78 Phonics ie/ea pics

Y2-U10-p79 Papa’s Peach Cream Pies

Y2-U10-p80 Friends big book


Y2-U11 Clothes pics

Y2-U11 Clothes word cards

Y2-U11 Clothes pics – small

Y2-U11 textbook pics

Y2-U11-p86 Phonics oy/ir pics

Y2-U11-p88 big book

Y2-U11-p88 pics


Y2-U12 Animals and Babies

Y2-U12 Animals and Babies – pairwork

Y2-U12 textbook pics

Y2-U12 Word-search puzzles

Y2-U12-p94 Phonics ue/aw pics

Y2-U12-p96 text for Running Dictation


Y2-U13 pics

Y2 U13-p102 Phonics ph/wh pics and words

Y2 U13-p102-103 worksheets


Y2-U14 textbook pics

Y2-U14-p108-109 pics

Y2-U14-p108-109 pics (A5)

Y2-U14-p108-109 small pics for bookmarks

Y2-U14-p110 Phonics ew/oe pics and words

Y2-U14-p113 pics

Y2-U14-p113 pics with text

Y2-U14-p113 small pics for minibooks


Y2-U15 textbook pics

Y2-U15-p116 True-False worksheet

Y2-U15-p117 sea problems pics

Y2-U15-117 worksheet

Y2-U15-p118 Phonics pics and words

Y2-U15-p118 worksheet

Y2-U15-p120 worksheet



Y2-U16-p126 Phonics pics


Y2-U17 textbook pics

Y2-U17-p132-133 musical story lyrics

Y2-U17-p134 Phonics pics and words

Y2-U17-p137 Mermarket big pic


Y2-U18 textbook pics