Year 3 materials


Y3These are Year 3 materials organized by Units. Here you can find practically everything you need – hundreds of pictures, word cards, and worksheets that complement and basically replace the textbook. Now you don’t need to ask your pupils to use the textbook in class – together with your colleagues at your school you can print and laminate these materials, organize them in folders by units, keep those in a big box, and use them in your lessons. Your pupils will focus better and enjoy the lessons more!

Y3-U1 textbook pics

Y3-U1 Present Simple materials


Y3-U2 textbook pics

Y3-U2-p9 word cards

Y3-U2 singular-plural nouns


Y3-U3 textbook pics



Y3-U4 Occupations pics

Y3-U4 Occupations words

Y3-U4 Occupations words (12)

Y3-U4 Occupations descriptions (12)

Y3-U4 Occupations (groupwork mats)

Y3-U4 Occupations worksheet


Y3-U5 Activities pics and words

Y3-U5-p36 pics

Y3-U5 text for Running Dictation


Y3-U6 Pets materials

Y3-U6-p45 pics

Y3-U6-p45 text for Running Dictation

Y3-U6-p48 pics


Y3-U7 Sea Creatures pics

Y3-U7 Sea Creatures words

Y3-U7-p52 materials

Y3-U7-p53 pics

Y3-U7-p53 vocab words

Y3-U7-p53 handwriting worksheet (Sharks true)

Y3-U7-p53 handwriting worksheet (Octopus false)


Y3-U8 Goldilocks pics

Y3-U8 Goldilocks and the Three Bears big book

Y3-U8 Goldilocks and 3 Bears (big book)

Y3-U8 Goldilocks – very big book

Y3-U8 Goldilocks – masks

Y3-U8 Goldilocks stuff puppets

Y3-U8 Goldilocks role play

Y3-U8 Goldilocks picture-puzzle

Y3-U8 Goldilocks – text for Running Dictation


Y3-U9 materials


Y3-U10 Animals


Y3-U10-p75 text for Running Dictation

Y3-U10-p76 sentence strips


Y3-U11 textbook pics

Y3-U11 Places in school



Y3-U12 Fruits pics

Y3-U12 Fruits word cards

Y3-U12-p90 wordcards

Y3-U12-p93 pics


Y3-U13 textbook pics

Y3-U13 numbers

Y3-U13 number words

Y3-U13 numbers worksheet


Y3-U14 Technology pics

Y3-U14 Technology words and phrases


Y3-U15 “4 Friends” story mats


Y3-U16 pics

Y3-U16 wordcards

Y3-U16 phrase cards